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3 Great Reasons to eat raw, local, unfiltered honey

Raw Local Honey with Comb

There are actually many more than 3 reasons to eat raw, local, unfiltered honey but we’ll start out with 3 basic reasons.

One: Taste
Most store bought honey is made from clover blossoms. That’s why many people only know the taste of clover honey. Local honey, on the other hand, is made by the bees visiting a diversity of flowers and plants, resulting in a more complex flavor depending on where and when the honey is harvested. Much of honey’s subtle flavors and nutritional values are lost when the honey is heated and filtered. Therefore, the best way to eat honey is the way our ancestors ate it…directly from the hive, or as close as possible.

Two: Allergy symptom prevention
Many alternative medicine practitioners recommend eating local honey to build up your system’s defenses against allergens in your environment, a result of the pollen and nectar gathered by the bees in certain locales at certain times of the year.

Three: Mass produced honey could actually be dangerous
A study in Seattle reports that more than 60% of honey consumed in the U.S. is imported and half of that is from China but not by a direct route. A large portion of the Chinese honey is first sent to other countries in Asia and the South Pacific so that the country of origin is mislabeled before it is finally shipped off to the U.S. and other countries. This honey may be laced with pesticides, antibiotics and other contaminants and could be dangerous to your health.

So next time you’re tempted to reach for the cheaper, generic honey in the store why not decide to do yourself and your local beekeepers a big favor by purchasing and eating delicious, local, varietal honey, supporting the industry and promoting your own good health.

Emergency Food Storage, Bee Pollen, Eggs, Herbs and More

If you haven’t already done so, maybe it’s time to consider storing up some food for emergency use for your family & loved ones. With the news of late, it makes you really think hard about the way food is shipped to stores and how easy it is to suffer a disruption. Honey is an ideal food for long term storage. It never goes bad (if it crystalizes you just warm it up and it returns to a liquid state…good as new), it’s really good for you and even has medicinal properties as a healing agent inside and outside the body. Sounds like the perfect food to me!

Of course, we are partial to our local honeys: Saw Palmetto, Orange Blossom, Wildflower & Brazilian Pepper. We carry all of these at our farm & we also have Michigan Blueberry at the moment…really yummy. So, as you’re thinking of ways to protect your family in an uncertain future, remember to include HONEY.

We also have a good supply of BEE POLLEN. We’ve found it to be a super nutritious way to give us energy and help with those annoying allergies this time of year. Start out with a couple of grains for a day or two and if you don’t have a reaction, increase your intake of pollen grains to 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day. Sprinkle it on yogurt, in your salad or any way you would like it.

At last, we have found a local source for organically grown EGGS to help out when our chickens don’t meet production so we have more eggs on hand than before. If you have your heart set on farm fresh eggs, give us a call before you come out and we’ll save a dozen for you. This same farm also has a VERY limited supply of organically-grown, pastured poultry, butchered and wrapped for the freezer. Call us for details.

Last but not least, come on out for your spring HERB PLANTS! T
I’ll post an updated list this week.



February is a busy month at 4 Bees Herb Farm!

We have a selection of culinary herbs in just in time for spring planting season:

Garlic Chives
Pineapple Sage

Chocolate Peppermint

Hot N Spicy

Lemon grass

Majorca Pink

Curley Parsley
Italian Parsley
Salad Burnet
French Sorrel

Other tasty herbs are being added daily so come on out and get a start on the spring growing season.

Remember, you are always welcome to call or email any questions you might have on growing herbs in our climate…a very good reason to purchase herbs from us rather than the “Big Box” store down the street which offers little to no info once you buy from them.

St John’s Wort
Mollucan Spinach
Rose Geranium Grass
Mountain Mint

More varieties added daily.

Sam has a 48″ Top Bar Hive ready for a new backyard beekeeper or a seasoned beekeeper wanting to try something different. Are you ready? You know you want to try your hand at beekeeping!!!… and Spring is the ideal season to start…lots of nectar on the way with citrus blooming season right around the corner. So if you are just curious or ready to give beekeeping a try, come on out and see the Top Bar Hive & we’ll also observe our two working TBH’s with lots of happy bees bring in loads of pollen etc.
For photos and more info, visit our other website:

Yes, we have raw, local honey in pints & quarts (call for availability on gallons 941-322-2446).
Saw Palmetto
Orange Blossom
Brazilian Pepper

Interested in HONEY for GOOD HEALTH?
I’ve received info from 2 different sources in the past several weeks on the HEALTH BENEFITS of HONEY mixed with CINNAMON…everything from Arthritis to Indigestion to Weight Loss and more. I have a free copy for you when you come out to the farm.

I’ve been feverishly working on herbal soaps which have been flying out of here! The Lavender soaps have been real a hit along with the Honey/Lemongrass.
I’ve also made a “Green Herbs”Drawing/ Healing Salve containing Plantain, Comfrey, Calendula & Chickweed in an olive oil, beeswax base. It has worked wonders on my own winter cracked heels & I’ve had good feedback on other uses from dogs to humans.
The Calendula-infused Sweet Almond Oil/ beeswax LIP BALM has rave reviews & I’m in the process of whipping up another batch- available next week.

With the passage of the Sarasota City ordinance allowing 4 backyard hens, Sam is working on an appropriate sized coop to house 2-4 hens. We’ll post info here when it’s ready for sale. We’re also planning on offering baby chicks: Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons…all brown egg layers…along with Arraucana/Americana which lay beautiful blue/green shelled eggs. Contact us at:

Please bookmark our website and come back often to keep updated on news at the farm.