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Drinking Herb Tea with a Purpose

Did you know herbal teas are more than a comfort drink on a cold winter’s day? Most can be enjoyed hot or cold and, depending on the blend, have wonderful, nourishing & healthful uses.

Making an herbal infusion
“Tea” is actually an infusion made by taking 1 or 2 teaspoons of herbal material, placing it in to the brewing utensil of your choice, adding 16 to 32 oz. of lightly boiled water, cover and allow to “steep” for 5 minutes, strain and drink. If a more “medicinal” effect is desired, allow to steep for 15 to 30 minutes. I always add some raw, local honey as I like my herb tea a bit sweet and enjoy the healthful benefits of raw honey whenever I have an excuse.

I have 4 wonderful blends of delicious herbal tea available right now. They are in loose-leaf form and are certified organic or are wildharvested. I am offering them at the Old Miakka Farmer’s Market by the ounce in bulk containers so you can scoop out as much or little as you would like.

There are so many ways that our immune system can be overwhelmed…air, water, workplace, stress, etc. This blend is not only helpful, but comforting, strengthening and delicious.
Contains: Organic Red Clover blossoms, organic Nettle leaf, Pau d’ Arco bark, organic Alfalfa, organic Sage leaf, organic St. John’s Wort and a hint of organic Ginger root.

Beautiful to look at, deliciously tasty and, it’s good for you. An energizing and uplifting infusion blend.
Contains: Organic Ginkgo leaf, organic Red Clover leaf and flower, Nettle leaf, organic Meadowsweet, organic Calendula flower, organic Chamomile flower, organic Lavender flower, organic Gotu Kola leaf, and a pinch of organic Stevia.

A truly superb, and herbaliciously simple beverage, this tea can be enjoyed by young and old alike, in the evening, during the day, hot or iced. With just the right hint of berry and mint, it is inspiring and tasty!
Contains: Organic Blackberry leaf, organic Linden leaf and flower, organic Peppermint, organic Lemon Balm, and organic Marshmallow leaf.

A refreshingly cool, minty flavored infusion blend with a citrus undertone to assist you with the discomfort & symptoms associated with allergy season. Consider taking it ahead of time with nettle or nettle and eyebright capsules.
Contains: Organic Nettle leaf, organic Peppermint, organic Spearmint, Yerba Santa, organic Eyebright, organic Lemongrass, organic Calendula flowers, organic Red Clover leaf and flower, organic Lavender flowers, organic Fennel seed and a pinch of organic Stevia.

Honey for the Holidays

We’ll be open this coming week (Dec. 21st – 24th) Tuesday through Thursday from 9-5 and Friday from 9-3.
I’ve infused some more HONEY with ORGANIC LAVENDER BUDS and it’s delicious! Lavender and honey together also make a great cough and sore throat remedy.
I’ve also made some wonderful lavender, lemon grass & rose soaps with nothing but the highest quality fats & oils and I’ve included raw honey too!
If your lips are chapped from the cold weather, I’ve just finished some new lip balm made with sweet almond oil, calendula flowers, beeswax and local honey…so healing and NO petroleum or chemicals.