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Growing your own herbs is a joy. If you’re a Florida native you may already know some of the secrets to growing healthy herbs in the south.
But even if you’re not, we’re here to help you get started.

Summer Basil

Summer Basil

I’ve included some photos from past garden seasons hoping to inspire you…herb garden 003

You’ll notice the “mulch” in the following photo which is really hay that comes out of our chicken pen mixed with wonderful
chicken manure….one of our favorite “secrets” to growing herbs that like a bit of feeding.
herb garden 017

8 thoughts on “Florida Herb Growing

  1. Michael Newstead

    How much is a lemon balm bush and are there different sizes . Do you know if they really repel mosquitoes?

    1. Debbie Post author

      Right now I have 1 gal. lemon balm plants for $6.
      There are a lot of mosquito repelling herbs that do a so-so job, including lemon balm.

  2. Jenni Arevalo

    How in the world do you keep your plants watered and from wilting in this heat? Have you written a book on Florida Herb Gardening we can purchase (good idea!)? I’d love to have an herb garden but not sure how to set up a good system to grow and water and not sure the best way to harvest and dry…and work fulltime…

    1. Debbie Post author

      Ahh..yes…the heat has been a challenge this year! Most of the summer we had rain every day so I lost a lot of herbs in the ground due to that and then the heat seemed to go on & on as did the watering. Better to keep the garden fairly small if you only have a little time. Less frustration that way. Pots are a good alternative for many herbs. You can regulate the water better in pots.

  3. Don Brown

    Good morning . I was wondering what the price is for Simphytum Uplandica and how available it is ? Thanks Don.

      1. Don Brown

        Thanks Debbie. I just have to prepare a spot for them then I’ll get back in touch with you. Perhaps you can give me information about raising them in florida.


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