Dried Botanical Herbs

OPEN:  Wed-Sat, 10am-4pm.  Or by appointment  Call: 941-322-2446

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We carry many varieties of certified organic dried herbs for teas and other medicinal uses. The following list reflects what is usually available in the herb shop at the farm.Herb Honey Shop 1013 (77)


Astragalus root powder
Barberry root bark powder
Bilberry leaf
Black Walnut powder
Calendula flower
Cascara Sagrada bark powder
Catnip leaf & Flower
Cayenne powder
Chamomile flowers
Chaparral leaf
Chrysanthemum flowers
Cilantro leaf
Comfrey leaf
Comfrey root
Comfrey root powder
Cramp Bark
Echinacea Pupurea leaf
Echinacea Purpurea root
Echinacea Purpurea root powder
Feverfew leaf
Fennel seed
Fennel seed powder
Goldenseal root powder
Hawthorn berries
Hawthorn leaf & flowers
Hibiscus Sabdariffa flowers
Horse Chestnut
Lavender flower buds
Lemon Verbena leaf
Marshmallow root
Marshmallow root powder
Meadowsweet flowers
Milk Thistle seed powder
Mullein leaf
Myrrh Gum powder
Nettle leaf
Oatstraw powder
Olive leaf
Oregon Grape root
Osha root
Papaya leaf
Peppermint leaf
Plantain leaf
Psyllium husk
Raspberry leaf
Red Clover blossoms
Red Clover herb
Self Heal
Slippery Elm bark powder
Spearmint leaf
Stevia leaf
St. John’s Wort
Turkey Rhubarb root powder
White Oak bark powder
Wild Cherry bark
Wormwood herb
Yarrow leaf & flowers

6 thoughts on “Dried Botanical Herbs

  1. Barbara Barsby

    I am looking for an herbal tea blend for menopause. Can you recommend anything for me?

    Barbara : )

    1. Debbie Post author

      Hi Barbara, Black Cohosh and St. John’s Wort are 2 herbs that have been historically used for menopause.
      So sorry that the farm is closed right now due to my husband’s cancer surgery. Blessings!

  2. Jenni Arevalo

    I hope your husband is doing well; my husband went through that a few years ago and we’ve been using nutrition to heal him from the ravages of the chemo and radiation and prevent anything further..so far so good! I’ve been calling all over 3 counties looking for fresh herbs and am so excited to have found you; is your store open next week, second week of Dev 2015?

    1. Debbie Post author

      Thanks, we think nutrition is the way to go also.
      Yes, I’ll be open through the end of the year Tuesdays-Saturdays, 10am-4pm.
      Hope to see you!


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