Front Porch Herb & Honey Shop


OPEN: Wed-Sat, 10am – 4pm   or by appointment – call: 941-322-2446

Honey is available all week at our neighbors’, Crowley Nursery. Please bring cash for payment.

I’ll be posting on our facebook page to keep you updated. Thanks!

We now accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover
Herb Honey Shop 1013 (49)

A rustic little shop full of sweet treasures….

Herb Honey Shop 1013 (50)

Local honey
Dried medicinal herbs
Herbal teas
Salves & balms
Bee pollen & royal jelly
Herbal soaps
Herb books

Shop and garden etc. spring 2014 153Choose from a large variety of Certified Organic dried herbs sold by the ounce.


8 thoughts on “Front Porch Herb & Honey Shop

  1. Joe Micals

    Are you ever opened on Sundays? It’s my only day off to get there and buy some local honey for my allergies.
    jm Sarasota

  2. darcy

    Good morning! Just wondering where you are located and what your hours are…you shop looks amazing! So glad that your husband is feeling better.

    1. Debbie Post author

      Hi Darcy, We’re in Old Miakka in eastern Sarasota County. Directions are on the website home page. We’re open Saturdays and mostly Tuesday-Fridays but with the occassional Dr. appointment it’s always best to call first on those days 941-322-2446.

  3. marsha

    Curious for months open or all year and if you have feverfew plant–’parthenium’ variety. Also do you sell Moringa plants or leaves?


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