Dried Botanical Herbs

I love to use my herbs fresh but sometimes it just isn’t practical so I like to have a good selection of dried medicinal herbs on hand. There are so many uses for them and it’s a good feeling to know they are right at my fingertips if I need them.

I’m not going into individual uses for the dried herbs I have on hand right now because, for the most part, each herb can be used for many different problems. I’m just going to list what I have on hand in case you are finding it difficult to buy what you need.

These herbs can be purchased by the ounce by emailing me before 6pm on a Friday preceeding the Saturday Old Miakka Farmer’s Market and then picked up at the market on Satuday from 9-2. If you don’t see something you need on the list, contact me and I’ll try my best to have it.

These herbs are all certified organic and are $2.00 per ounce unless noted otherwise.

Arnica Flowers ($16.00 per oz.)
Calendula Flowers
Catnip leaf
Cilantro Leaf
Comfrey Leaf
Comfrey Root
Cramp Bark ($4.75 per oz.)
Goldenseal Root Powder ($16.00 per oz.)
Horse Chestnut
Lobelia ($4.50 per oz.)
Marshmallow powder
Milk Thistle Seed powder
Olive Leaf
Peppermint Leaf
Plantain Leaf
Raspberry Leaf
Slippery Elm Powder
Wild Cherry Bark

One thought on “Dried Botanical Herbs

  1. becky friend:)

    Hey Deb,

    You might not remember me…we used to hang out together Sunday afternoons as you made me drool over your lovely place before we had to drag ourselves back to suburbia. Soon we found ourselves in North Florida and with the help of the huge book that you sent us off with tried to make a go at country living! I can’t help but think of you several times a day- not only when I reference Carla Emery, ( which is often) but when I see the enamelware spoon, the red sugar can, oh- and the mugwort that keeps coming back after 10 years of mowing:) and then there is this other thing that I am trying to add as a photo- but I’ll have to do it on another mail…
    Anyway, Love your website and your place looks wonderful as usual…We had decided to give you a call this afternoon – just because – it’s about TIME:) Talk to you soon,


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