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3 Great Reasons to eat raw, local, unfiltered honey

Raw Local Honey with Comb

There are actually many more than 3 reasons to eat raw, local, unfiltered honey but we’ll start out with 3 basic reasons.

One: Taste
Most store bought honey is made from clover blossoms. That’s why many people only know the taste of clover honey. Local honey, on the other hand, is made by the bees visiting a diversity of flowers and plants, resulting in a more complex flavor depending on where and when the honey is harvested. Much of honey’s subtle flavors and nutritional values are lost when the honey is heated and filtered. Therefore, the best way to eat honey is the way our ancestors ate it…directly from the hive, or as close as possible.

Two: Allergy symptom prevention
Many alternative medicine practitioners recommend eating local honey to build up your system’s defenses against allergens in your environment, a result of the pollen and nectar gathered by the bees in certain locales at certain times of the year.

Three: Mass produced honey could actually be dangerous
A study in Seattle reports that more than 60% of honey consumed in the U.S. is imported and half of that is from China but not by a direct route. A large portion of the Chinese honey is first sent to other countries in Asia and the South Pacific so that the country of origin is mislabeled before it is finally shipped off to the U.S. and other countries. This honey may be laced with pesticides, antibiotics and other contaminants and could be dangerous to your health.

So next time you’re tempted to reach for the cheaper, generic honey in the store why not decide to do yourself and your local beekeepers a big favor by purchasing and eating delicious, local, varietal honey, supporting the industry and promoting your own good health.

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Shadehouse Welcome

Seems like Valentines, Easter & now Mother’s Day have come quickly this spring…..

So you’ve done the cut flowers and chocolates etc……and you’re out of ideas….

Well, I’m a mom, wife, daughter, grandma & great grandma & I have a few thoughts on the subject. How about climbing out of the box and considering something delicious & healthy with no expiration date!

Of course I’m talkin’ HONEY! I’ve just finished whipping up some amazing infused LAVENDER & ORGANIC ROSE PETAL HONEYS for you favorite “Honey”. Why not give Mom, Wife etc. a jar of each variety- Lavender & Rose Petal in a cute, 10 oz. jelly jar for a scrumptious gift that will cost you less than $15. (I’m just being practical here- most of us are looking for ways to save money these days.)

Bee Pollen and Honey

I still have a few jars of local Orange Blossom Honey in the honeycomb….local honey in local honeycomb….hard to get a
hold of! I also have Local Wildflower and Orange Blossom Honey in pint & quart jars. Add a half-pint jar of Bee Pollen to a pint of local honey and, again, a delicious, healthy gift for $15.

And there’s still plenty of time to buy her some herb plants. We have a great selection of culinary herbs to plant in the garden…or group a few favorites in a pretty pot. (Mom won’t mind if you buy the materials and leave the planting to her!)
I have plenty of suggestions for you regarding what goes with what & where they like to grow- sun, part shade etc.

Basil plants

With food prices climbing, it just makes sense to grow as much as you can!

There’s still time to come out to the farm and find the PERFECT GIFT for Mother’s Day!

We also have a pretty good supply of FARM FRESH EGGS right now along with an assortment of medicinal herbs. It’s worth a quick trip to the country! SEE YOU SOON!

April Newsletter

Seems like April is rushing by. There’s so much to do in the garden this time of year and this warm spring season has made things grow like crazy! I’ve been shoveling wheelbarrow loads of rich dirt out of the chicken pen and spreading it on the gardens and WOW…I’ve never seen herbs and veggies grow so fast!

We have a great selection of herb and vegetable plants available this spring. Visit the herb page to view the current list.

Herbs in the Shadehouse

The Cinnamon Basil is one of my personal favorites. I love to infuse cinnamon basil leaves into honey for a spicy sweet treat.


JUST IN! We have some very beautiful Orange Blossom Honey with the Honey Comb. The comb contains bits of pollen along with other good things from the hive which may promote good health. This will go fast so you might want to give us a call at 941-322-2446 before you come out for the Honeycomb and Orange Blossom Honey.

Orange Blossom Comb Honey

We also have a good supply of bee pollen which is chocked full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and good carbs plus more. I take a teaspoon a day & it gives me energy. I’ve packaged the bee pollen in 1/2 pint jelly jars which hold 1/4 lb..

A local grower has just developed an easy to use fertilizer made of worm castings and other natural ingredients necessary for good growth. It comes in “tea bags” and will make up 10 gallons of solution. We are offering this product and hope you decide to give it a try.

Please visit the new link for Real Life Natural Health. There is much to learn from our friend Angie Anderson & we hope to schedule a talk by her here at the farm in the near future.

Local Raw Honey Sarasota

We now carry LOCAL HONEY! This honey is pure, raw and unfiltered.

Honey varieties:

Saw Palmetto
Orange Blossom
Brazilian Pepper

Blueberry- not local but VERY tasty!

We also have local Wildflower and Orange Blossom with the HONEYCOMB! YUM!! Very difficult to find.

I have been busy infusing herbs into honey making an ultra-delicious blend. Available infused honeys are:

Lavender infused honey
Organically grown Rose Petal infused honey
Organically grown Thyme infused honey

They are available in decorative glass bottles that have old-fashioned bee skeps molded into the glass and are sealed with a cork…very cute and they make great gifts for hard-to-buy-for folks!