April Newsletter

Seems like April is rushing by. There’s so much to do in the garden this time of year and this warm spring season has made things grow like crazy! I’ve been shoveling wheelbarrow loads of rich dirt out of the chicken pen and spreading it on the gardens and WOW…I’ve never seen herbs and veggies grow so fast!

We have a great selection of herb and vegetable plants available this spring. Visit the herb page to view the current list.

Herbs in the Shadehouse

The Cinnamon Basil is one of my personal favorites. I love to infuse cinnamon basil leaves into honey for a spicy sweet treat.


JUST IN! We have some very beautiful Orange Blossom Honey with the Honey Comb. The comb contains bits of pollen along with other good things from the hive which may promote good health. This will go fast so you might want to give us a call at 941-322-2446 before you come out for the Honeycomb and Orange Blossom Honey.

Orange Blossom Comb Honey

We also have a good supply of bee pollen which is chocked full of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and good carbs plus more. I take a teaspoon a day & it gives me energy. I’ve packaged the bee pollen in 1/2 pint jelly jars which hold 1/4 lb..

A local grower has just developed an easy to use fertilizer made of worm castings and other natural ingredients necessary for good growth. It comes in “tea bags” and will make up 10 gallons of solution. We are offering this product and hope you decide to give it a try.

Please visit the new link for Real Life Natural Health. There is much to learn from our friend Angie Anderson & we hope to schedule a talk by her here at the farm in the near future.

One thought on “April Newsletter

  1. grannie annie

    love your farm “god bless ur labor of luv” hope to visit some day, my daughter’s & gran kids wiil be in sarasota for a doc. appt.on friday trying to get her to stop by, made a herb garden for a friend would like to plant some lemongrass also looking for desert sage or white sage? I have trop. fruit tree’s & started beekeeping 2yrs. ago I’am at the southeast end of the everglades & off the so.east coast of mia.my honey is a wild tropical flower & is very rich got 6lbs. last yr. working on my 2nd hive lost one in this last winter, will keep at it love working with the bees:)hope to teach bee keeping already started, but have not been able to get the gran kids to visit the bee farm down so. hope they will learn something at your’s! “maybe that not every thing comes out of a plastic bag!” maybe they will want to plant or grow something and at the same time help feed the bee’s:) thank you, Ana Maria da Silva L.M.T. from so.miami (786)499-5119 a.k.a the bee lady


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