A Cottage Garden

I wanted to share some June pictures of my front yard garden…..
I’ve always dreamed of a cottage garden and God has blessed me with one this spring and early summer.

Roses, herbs & veggies all together

Roses, Rosemary, Spider wort, Midnight Blue Salvia

7 thoughts on “A Cottage Garden

  1. melissa

    so grateful for what God is doing…your dream cottage garden is so lovely and you my friend have a real God given gift for capturing it on camera…

    love you so very much!!

  2. Leslie Cobin

    Hi Debbie,

    Don’t know if you remember me. Came to visit and buy herbs and honey with Annie Carter who was working with your mom. Loved seeing photos of your cottage garden. The herbs I bought are doing great. The Thai peppers are growing like crazy even though they don’t have much sun! Bought some honey from the massage place on Tuttle since I ran out. Hope to see you at the Farmers Market.


  3. suzanne forrester

    Is the definition of a Cttage Garden
    Roses, herbs & veggies all together?
    I have never heard of it.
    It’s beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing your blessing

    1. Debbie Post author

      Hi Suzanne-
      That combination was just something I’ve always wanted. The “cottage garden” to me is more of a look…very full, tall, short, colorful, whatever.
      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Fransene Miller

    Hello, I am so happy to find your website! And to find that you are so close. I LOVE this post about your cottage garden. I dream of someday having an edible front garden/yard. I am enjoying reading your blog.

    We are in a temporary living situation right now, so gardening like this in not possible, but we pray we will soon be settled where God wants us. I noticed you sell many potted herbs, so when the time comes I will know where to get what I need.

    Last year we began Live Ready Now, Inc to encourage and help families who want to be prepared for whatever may come. We are still learning so much ourselves, but feel the need to help others down the same path of recapturing lost and forgotten skills.

    God bless you in what you are doing.


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