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Emergency Food Storage, Bee Pollen, Eggs, Herbs and More

If you haven’t already done so, maybe it’s time to consider storing up some food for emergency use for your family & loved ones. With the news of late, it makes you really think hard about the way food is shipped to stores and how easy it is to suffer a disruption. Honey is an ideal food for long term storage. It never goes bad (if it crystalizes you just warm it up and it returns to a liquid state…good as new), it’s really good for you and even has medicinal properties as a healing agent inside and outside the body. Sounds like the perfect food to me!

Of course, we are partial to our local honeys: Saw Palmetto, Orange Blossom, Wildflower & Brazilian Pepper. We carry all of these at our farm & we also have Michigan Blueberry at the moment…really yummy. So, as you’re thinking of ways to protect your family in an uncertain future, remember to include HONEY.

We also have a good supply of BEE POLLEN. We’ve found it to be a super nutritious way to give us energy and help with those annoying allergies this time of year. Start out with a couple of grains for a day or two and if you don’t have a reaction, increase your intake of pollen grains to 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day. Sprinkle it on yogurt, in your salad or any way you would like it.

At last, we have found a local source for organically grown EGGS to help out when our chickens don’t meet production so we have more eggs on hand than before. If you have your heart set on farm fresh eggs, give us a call before you come out and we’ll save a dozen for you. This same farm also has a VERY limited supply of organically-grown, pastured poultry, butchered and wrapped for the freezer. Call us for details.

Last but not least, come on out for your spring HERB PLANTS! T
I’ll post an updated list this week.