Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

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Seems like Valentines, Easter & now Mother’s Day have come quickly this spring…..

So you’ve done the cut flowers and chocolates etc……and you’re out of ideas….

Well, I’m a mom, wife, daughter, grandma & great grandma & I have a few thoughts on the subject. How about climbing out of the box and considering something delicious & healthy with no expiration date!

Of course I’m talkin’ HONEY! I’ve just finished whipping up some amazing infused LAVENDER & ORGANIC ROSE PETAL HONEYS for you favorite “Honey”. Why not give Mom, Wife etc. a jar of each variety- Lavender & Rose Petal in a cute, 10 oz. jelly jar for a scrumptious gift that will cost you less than $15. (I’m just being practical here- most of us are looking for ways to save money these days.)

Bee Pollen and Honey

I still have a few jars of local Orange Blossom Honey in the honeycomb….local honey in local honeycomb….hard to get a
hold of! I also have Local Wildflower and Orange Blossom Honey in pint & quart jars. Add a half-pint jar of Bee Pollen to a pint of local honey and, again, a delicious, healthy gift for $15.

And there’s still plenty of time to buy her some herb plants. We have a great selection of culinary herbs to plant in the garden…or group a few favorites in a pretty pot. (Mom won’t mind if you buy the materials and leave the planting to her!)
I have plenty of suggestions for you regarding what goes with what & where they like to grow- sun, part shade etc.

Basil plants

With food prices climbing, it just makes sense to grow as much as you can!

There’s still time to come out to the farm and find the PERFECT GIFT for Mother’s Day!

We also have a pretty good supply of FARM FRESH EGGS right now along with an assortment of medicinal herbs. It’s worth a quick trip to the country! SEE YOU SOON!

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